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Waterworks North Belfast

Permaculture Workshop October 2, 2011

On Saturday October 1st we welcomed Philip Allen to to the garden to lead a one day introductory course on the principles of permaculture.

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Elderflower cordial July 7, 2011

The park is full of Elder and we took the opportunity to pick some of the flowers when they were in full bloom in the middle of June.

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What is it?

The Waterworks Community Garden is a shared space for local people to come together to grow their own food, get their heads showered and generally connect with others in their community. It’s open to anyone over 18 and currently our youngest participant is 21 and our oldest is 82.

We advertise for and recruit participants in March/April of each year and they sign up for the full growing season, coming once a week. The weekly sessions are led by a Community Gardener who works with the group to plan and plant the garden.

Is it just about gardening?

No, not at all. It’s as much about you feeling part of your community, your health and wellbeing, making friends and having craic.

During the year we run a range of workshops as diverse as cookery demonstrations using produce from the garden, good relations, fruit tree pruning, permaculture, sustainable development, healthy eating and nutrition.

When is it?

This year we are running two groups;

We also run community days where we invite the wider community to come and meet the community gardeners, take part in cookery demonstrations, learn more about what we do and share any surplus plants or produce. Keep an eye on the blog for upcoming events.

Where is it?

We are located right at the top end of the Waterworks at the Westland Gardens entrance.

What does it cost to join?

Nothing but time, commitment and some hard work.

Each year Grow seeks funding to run the garden and ensure that it is open and accessible to as many people as possible, particularly those on a limited budget.

How do I join?

Each year we have been heavily oversubscribed and we now have a waiting list to join. The best thing to do is to email and we will send you and application form. Once you complete this and return it we will place your name on the waiting list for next season.

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