Grow Community Gardens

As a learning organisation we strive learn from what we do and how we do it.

Community gardens, especially urban community gardens are relatively new to Belfast. The Grow Community garden in the Waterworks was the first such garden set up in a city park in partnership with Belfast City Council. It was also the first such garden in a contested space – at the site of a peace line. So there has been lots to learn over the past two years.

We have had the opportunity to share this learning with many organisations who have come to visit the garden and talk to those who set it up.

Our participant Community Gardeners have told their stories at a number of conferences and talked of their learning, from a personal and community perspectives.

We will continue to share our learning with any organisation or individual starting out or hoping to set up a community garden in their area. This is particularly the case if you want to set up a garden that is truly part of the community, which attracts people from a range of backgrounds, ages, religion, nationality.