Grow Community Gardens

Setting up and engaging with a range of partners is an essential part of the success of our gardens. Our first garden was a pilot project established in partnership with Helen’s Bay Organic Farm. Locating the project on the farm and having the expertise of John McCormick as our Horticultural Advisor was invaluable. With Grow’s expertise in community development, funding and project management combined with HBOF’s many years experience of growing using sustainable and organic methods, we overcame many hurdles in the early stages of the project development.

In subsequent years Grow formed other partnerships with organisations such as the Organic Centre in Leitrim, the Workers Educational Association, Bryson House, local doctor’s surgeries and local Councils.

Understanding why you are partnering with a particular organisation and coordinating activities of each partner will ensure that the project benefits from the unique strengths of each participating organisation.

Grow example in year one of the Waterworks garden we wanted to ensure that the garden had participation from local refugees and asylum seekers. We sought advice from Bryson house and formed a partnership. This enable us to ensure we successfully recruited both refugees and asylum seekers and provide the appropriate support to that target group as their circumstances, access to services, weekly budgets and availability each week differed from other target groups.

Alazar - a asylum seeker who was part of the waterworks garden