Grow Community Gardens

Some of our produce - we could have opened a market stall.....

A key aspect of the work of Grow is promoting health and wellbeing. So, running cooking demonstrations and workshops and developing recipes for the produce we grow at our community gardens is very important. Once we begin to harvest we start cooking! We carry out all of our demonstrations and workshops at the garden.

We grow a wide range of crops – some of which are not available in the local food retailers. We take suggestions from the group for menus and tailor our cooking to suit. We also incorporate foraged ingredients into our cooking. All of this keeps costs down which is an important factor as food costs continue to raise and many of participants are on tight budgets.

Eating together adds to our sense of community and tends to be the time we discuss a range of issues including community interests.

Our first cookery demo

First taste of soup made from our own veg!

Full and happy!